What Causes Wrinkles? 9 Fascinating Causes Revealed

by Ingela

Wrinkles are not something you want to discover when looking in the mirror.

Have you ever wondered exactly what causes wrinkles? Is it normal or are you aging really fast?

At some point we all get a wrinkle or two, but let’s not be in a rush to get there shall we.

So, what causes wrinkles? There are a lot of causes, and I’m sure many that scientists aren’t even aware of. Today I’ll cover 9 of the most common causes.

1. Sunshine

I’m sure you have seen sun addicts, leathery thick and almost black skin, holding a can of oil and a reflector under their chin.  Needless to say, moderation is best.

If you want to avoid the causes of wrinkles, never expose your skin to midday sun for long periods of time without protection. Wear clothing that covers most of your skin and wear a hat that provides shade for your face and ears.

Using a natural skin moisturizer with seaweed extract significantly reduces UV damage to skin as does vitamin E. Go out in the morning and afternoon, the sun is much safer then with less UV radiation.

A little sunlight gives you a shot of vitamin D and a healthy skin tone. 10-20min in the morning and the afternoon is enough for a health boost.  Anything beyond that starts causing premature aging and wrinkling, especially if you burn yourself frequently.

2. Dehydration

This is one of those tips that is repeated everywhere and for a good reason: water is essential. We need it like we need air.

This is especially important after the age of 45-50, because the sensation of thirst is reduced, which can be very dangerous. You must then remember to consciously drink enough water, your body wont remind you soon enough.

A good example of how bad it can be is from sports, after losing just 2% of your bodily fluids through sweat your performance plummets to 70%.

Dehydration is what causes wrinkles the fastest, With a 10% to 15% fluid loss, your skin shrivels and wrinkles form right before your eyes.

If you want to avoid wrinkles make sure you get 8-10 glasses of water a day, more when the weather is hot or you exercise.

3. Weight Loss

Supermodel -thin might be the goal of popular culture, but it’s far from healthy. You need some fat to cushion your organs and support your skin.

When you reduce your body fat too far your skin will dry out and become fragile. Every cell in your body depends on fats to keep functioning.

When you’re thinking about what causes wrinkles, remember that heading to Burger King for a snack is still not an option, no matter how much fat their meals contain, because there are healthy fats, and then there are unhealthy fats.

Just make sure you eat healthy fats and avoid excessively low body fat.  If you become too skinny, your hormonal system goes crazy and your body thinks you are starving.  You may even begin to grow fine fur to preserve heat (I am joking, of course ;))

You can easily avoid excessive weight loss by eating healthy foods, such as meat, seafood, fish, vegetables, fruits, and berries.

4. Negativity

What causes wrinkles is stress and bad emotions, if it only affected the skin you would be getting off easy.

Bad emotions cause stress hormones to be released, they thin out your skin and reduce circulation. They turn off your immune system and generally wreak havoc.  Your body will suffer and it will show on your skin.

Anything that causes you to add tension into your face will make you wrinkle in that position when you do it for long enough. Working in a stressful office for 10 years leaves its mark.

Happy people truly do look better and are much healthier and that’s a fact. If emotions are challenge for you I recommend you try EFT, a very simple and effective method you can use at any time.

5. Gravity

Gravity is not our friend when it comes to firm skin. When we lose the bounce and firmness in our skin the pull of the earth starts to be noticeable.

Gravity is what causes wrinkles especially when we sleep.  A good tip is to not sleep on your side or stomach, if you do, gravity pulls on your face all night.  If at all possible, make sure you sleep on your back and gravity will be your friend for 7-8 hours. Over the years this will make a major difference.

I personally like to sleep in many different positions, so while some say to just sleep on your back, I just can’t do it. If you’re like me, don’t worry about it. Sleeping well is more important.

6. Smoking Cigarettes

This is as we all know is not a healthy habit. Not only is it what causes wrinkles, it ruins your lungs and causes a host of diseases.

Your skin doesn’t get any oxygen because of the carbon monoxide in your blood. It takes up to 6-7 hours after the last cigarette  before your blood carries the normal amount of oxygen again.  Less oxygen causes blood vessels to contract and slows skin repair. You are literally starving your skin.

And that’s not all; the toxic load from the chemicals in modern cigarettes has to come out somewhere. Our skin is the largest detoxification organ we have, when you add more work by smoking, your skin becomes truly toxic.

Give it up and you will see an incredible change in less than 7 days when your blood starts to flow properly. From there on it just gets better.

7. Pollution

What causes wrinkles in a major city? Pollution and smog.  You are exposing yourself to smog, dust and exhaust fumes all day long.

These toxins and particles collect on your skin during the day, they clog your pores and poison your skin. Make sure you are using a gentle cleanser in the morning and at night to wash this nasty stuff off.

Applying a good day cream or moisturizer in the morning creates a protective barrier. In the evening you need to provide nutrition and moisture so the skin can prepare itself for the coming day. If you use a high quality product it usually contains antioxidants and protective substances that help the skin regenerate from this pollution attack.

8. Aging

Unfortunately, we cannot stop time and we do age. Sometimes what causes wrinkles is that you’re getting older, which isn’t anything to be ashamed of.

You can look good in the golden years, but the way there is to eat a healthy diet, use natural skin care products, exercise, and maybe even take some supplements to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

So many people try to stop aging by opting for surgery, but I personally think people look beautiful just the way they are. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because you look good just the way you are.

9. Nutrition

Researchers and scientists all over the world are getting alarmed because they’ve discovered that most men and women are deficient in at least one nutrient.

Depending on the nutrient, this may cause a minor headache, or worst case scenario: death. It usually doesn’t get extremely bad, but if you’re over 30, you should start looking after your nutrition.

Bad nutrition is what causes wrinkles as you age, so you may want to start thinking about eating natural foods, and even considering a natural multivitamin. My boyfriend, his family, and I use Total Balance from Xtend-Life, which has been fantastic.

They also have a great natural skin care product line that I use religiously.

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