The Best Vitamins for Rosacea: The Answer May Surprise You!

by Ingela

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes flushing, redness and swelling on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.  A number of methods are available for treating the condition but most people find it difficult to find a cure.

Vitamins for rosacea seem to be one of the best ways to treat rosacea naturally.  Rosacea sufferers should know the best vitamins to manage rosacea flare-ups and control their severity.

If you have rosacea, it’s possible that you have a vitamin deficiency.  Certain vitamins and supplements can help control the symptoms.  Because rosacea is a chronic condition, you will have to continue taking the vitamins for an indefinite period of time.

Don’t worry though, taking vitamins is healthy, and more people should be using multivitamins, according to experts. There are also many that have had success eating the right diet for rosacea.

The Best Vitamins for Rosacea

Vitamins play an important role in general health, but there are certain vitamins that are vital to skin health.  Studies show that many people who suffer from rosacea do not get enough of these basic vitamins.

Here are a few of the best vitamins for rosacea:

Vitamin A occurs in nature as retinol and aids in skin health.  It is an antioxidant and promotes collagen production.  It also reduces itching and irritation.  Unfortunately, some rosacea sufferers find retinol too harsh on their skin.  For this reason, topical treatments for rosacea use retinaldehyde, a derivative of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B Complex is a family of vitamins that plays an important role in skin health.  You can take a Vitamin B complex daily but they can also be taken individually to enable you to get the optimum dose of each.  Vitamin B12 or cobalamine is one of the best B vitamins for rosacea.  It reduces flushing and promotes cell production and repair.  For rosacea sufferers, doctors recommend a daily dose of 400 to 500 mcg of B12.

Vitamin C is necessary in the formation of connective tissues in skin cells.  It also improves the immune system.  Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits.  However, citrus fruits can trigger rosacea symptoms in some people.  If this happens to you, you should take Vitamin C food supplements instead.

Vitamin E or alpha-tocopherol is found in nuts, whole grain cereals and vegetable oils.  It’s a potent antioxidant that works best with Vitamin C.  Many people diagnosed with rosacea reported that their skin cleared up when they started using Vitamin E products.

Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B3, has a soothing effect on skin and reduces redness.  When taking Vitamin B complex, make sure it contains niacinamide and not niacin, another form of Vitamin B3.  Niacin has been shown to aggravate the symptoms of rosacea in some individuals.

Vitamins For Rosacea

By now you should be aware that some food and substances can irritate your skin and cause rosacea symptoms to flare up.  Eliminate stress and avoid foods that trigger the condition.

Talk to your doctor and find a natural solution to your skin problem.  The best vitamins for rosacea along with a few lifestyle changes can dramatically increase your chances of healing your skin.

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