How to Get Rid of Upper Lip Wrinkles: The Do’s & Don’ts

by Ingela

I’m sure you like most of us want to avoid the signs of aging, upper lip wrinkles are definitely one of those.

Is a collagen injection the only thing that will help you? That is the industry standard to pump your lips up.

Sure it can be very tastefully done, I am sure you’ve seen good and bad examples of it.

The truth is, you must still take care of yourself even if you go with the cosmetic surgery route. It’s very much like the old real estate joke, I have some lovely swampland for you to build your house on, really cheap. What you build on is essential no matter what.

There are several ways to improve and get rid of upper lip wrinkles naturally. Not only that, they will improve your general health combat disease and make you vibrant. Do you want to know how?

First and foremost you should know why upper lip wrinkles appear, avoiding these causes will definitely help you keep what you have and prevent things from getting worse.

The Upper Lip Wrinkles No List

  • Dehydration of skin, lips and the rest of you
  • Smoking, drinking from a straw or any other kind of habitual puckering
  • Overexposure to sunlight and UV rays
  • Worries, grief and stress
  • Habitual facial movements like squinting and yes even smiling (although I still recommend that you smile occasionally)
  • Avoid harmful synthetic skin care products, even if the package is pretty, make sure you look at the ingredients

Preventing & Getting Rid of Upper Lip Wrinkles

  • Moisturize from the inside, drink at least 10 glasses of water a day, not soda, not coffee, but water
  • Throw away your ashtray and stop smoking
  • Make sure you are using natural skin care products that protect your skin from the sun
  • Avoid overexposure to the sun. This depends largely on where you live. Use common sense!
  • Wear sunglasses, not only will this protect your eyes it will also stop you from squinting
  • Use a high quality moisturizer and lip balm to help keep your skin hydrated
  • Release stress daily in what ever way works best for you (meditation, yoga, reading a book…)

Is Your Life Causing Upper Lip Wrinkles?

What you do, and how you live your life makes you who you are. The above tips you’ve read cannot only prevent upper lip wrinkles, but also reduce them over time, and improve your life at the same time.

It may seem overwhelming to suddenly begin to do all these changes. No need to worry, one step at a time is what gets you there. Today start with an extra glass of water. Tomorrow, start using a natural skin care cream.

You will be amazed what just a few of these steps can do for your skin.

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