How to Reduce & Remove Under Eye Wrinkles

by Ingela

Do you suffer from under eye wrinkles and want to smooth them out?

Or perhaps you’re just seeing the first signs and really want to make sure it doesn’t get worse.  Who wouldn’t want that, the question is, what do we do about it.

Can you actually make a difference? The answer is a clear yes. No matter how good or bad your under eye wrinkles are there is always room for improvement.

Where Did Your Under Eye Wrinkles Come From?

Under eye skin is somewhat special because it is very thin and fragile, just rubbing your eyes may damage the fine blood vessels.

They are fragile, but you won’t suddenly look horrible by rubbing your eyes a bit, so don’t worry too much. If you smoke, for example, the bad effects can be seen fastest under your eyes, because that’s where you skin is the most delicate.

With that said, here are some of the most common causes of undereye wrinkles:

  • Mechanical damage, minimize rubbing, pulling, or poking
  • Loss of moisture
  • Sun UV damage
  • Glasses, go see your optician regularly or be doomed to squint and wrinkle
  • Smoking and air pollution
  • Sinus congestion or infection, will cause bags under eyes and circulation disturbance

How to Reduce Under Eye Wrinkles

So what can you do to get rid of your undereye wrinkles? There are a lot of tips out there, but I’ve gathered some of my favorite ones below.

Make sure you try at least a few of these out and see how they affect you. But do remember that if you improve your nutrition, or start taking a multivitamin, it may take a while to see results, so be patient.

Sinuses. Many people do not realize that just by clearing their sinuses they can improve the way they look. You can easily clear your sinuses with a neti pot, a salt spray, or a silver nasal spray. Once you start clearing your sinuses, you should start to see the effects quite rapidly.

Sleeping. People get cranky for a reason when they haven’t slept enough. It has huge effects on your skin and your health, so make sure you get your 8-9 hours per night.

Eyes. If you work with a computer or in any place where your eyes are fixated on one point, make sure you take frequent breaks to rest your eyes. Closing your eyes is ideal.

Nutrition. Even if you eat the healthiest diet on earth, chances are that you’re still going to have some nutritional deficiencies. This is because of our depleted soil and badly raised animals. I use this high-quality multivitamin every day, and so does my boyfriend and his family.

Water. You’ve heard it a thousand times and I’m going to say it again: you should be drinking pure water every day to stay hydrated. Tap water is no longer safe in most countries, so you may want to invest in a water filter.

Moisturizing. Using a good moisturizer is great, but you can take it a step further by using an eye serum, which is specialized for getting rid of wrinkles and dark bags under your eyes. I personally use and recommend this eye serum from Xtend-Life.

That’s all I have for you on under eye wrinkles. These should be more than enough to get you started on your quest to looking better, healthier, and younger!

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