11 Home Remedies for Warts You NEED to Know About, Right Now!

by Ingela

There are many home remedies for warts, and for a good reason: not all of them work for everyone. If you have warts, first make sure that your health is in order, and don’t give up, because there are many solutions out there.

Here are 11 home remedies for warts:

1. Health. One of the most basic home remedies for warts is to simply take care of your health, and boost your immune system, which means not eating junk food and sticking to our natural diet of meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider is a folk remedy used to cure many different ailments. As a home remedy for warts, you can apply it with a cotton ball, a q-tip, or in whatever way you want. You can then cover it with a band-aid or duct tape (more on that soon).

3. Hydrogen Peroxide. Peroxide is a natural cleanser, it is pure oxygen, and kills bacteria very effectively. Begin by soaking a q-tip in 3% peroxide and holding it to your wart for a minute or two each day. If that doesn’t work, some recommend that you scrape off the top layer of the wart, so you can get inside, and then apply a 35% food-grade peroxide with a q-tip. I recommend you work your way slowly to the 35% as it can burn your skin.

4. Duct Tape. With duct tape, simply take a piece, put it on your skin, and change the duct tape whenever the last one falls off. This is easier on your feet, as you can’t really go around with duct tape on your hands all day. A good time to do this is during the night. If you have to remove the duct tape during the day, you may want to use another remedy in conjunction with duct tape.

5. Banana Peels. Ah, good old banana peels. They are one of the most popular home remedies for warts. What you do is you take the inside of a banana peel and rub it on your wart. Some say that unripe bananas are the best for this, so you will have to test it out. You can even use duct tape to keep the banana peel on your wart for hours.

6. Potassium. Some believe that warts are caused by a potassium deficiency, or that they are allowed to spread because of it. To remedy this, you can buy a natural potassium supplement, take a multivitamin, or eat more foods rich in potassium, such as: all meats, fish, and poultry, alongside with bananas, kiwis, avocados, fresh apricots, tomatoes, and spinach, just to name a few.

6. Oregano Oil. Simply buy some pure oregano oil, apply it on the affected area, then put on a waterproof band-aid. Be warned, this may hurt for the first few days, since oregano is a very powerful oil. You may want to dilute it with water first, but most of the remedies I’ve found do not.

7. Dandelion Sap. This is one of the home remedies for warts I’ve never heard about, but I came across it in my research. Dandelions contain a phytochemical, which is believed to help in removing warts. You can get the sap from the roots, stems, or leaves. When you have the sap, simply apply it several times a day.

8. Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree is another great home remedy for warts. You can buy it at most health stores, or even your supermarket. It is simple to apply as well. Take a q-tip, soak it in tea tree oil and apply on your wart. It’s as simple as that!

9. Castor Oil. Buy some castor oil, apply once or twice daily, and cover it with a band-aid, or even duct tape. Castor oil is derived from the seed of the tropical plant: ricinus communis. It has not only been proven effective as a home remedy for warts, but also for constipation and many other problems.

10. Garlic. Take fresh garlic cloves, crush them, and keep them on the affected area as long as possible. You may want to use a band-aid (or duct tape, again!). The longer you can keep them there, the better. But I still suggest you start out by using the garlic for small periods of time, as you never know how your skin will react.

11. Thought. Believe it or not, but what you think about affects your reality. Do you constantly think about how disgusting your warts are, and how they spread so much? Try catching your thoughts when they go into this loop, and either stop, or reverse it by thinking about how the perfect set of hands, or feet look, or whatever body part is affected. This is not one of the most common home remedies for warts, but I believe it does have an effect. Here’s a great story from the CureZone forums.

Remember, most home remedies for warts take time to take effect. Some might see results in a week, while others will have to keep at it for a month or two.

I’m sure there are a few home remedies for warts in the list above that you haven’t tried, so pick one that resonates with you, and start using it for at least a month and see how well it works.

If it doesn’t work, just come back here for more home remedies for warts. Sooner or later, you will succeed!

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