8 Amazing Herbs That Help Oily Skin

by Ingela

There are many oily skin herbs that help make the skin drier.  Many women (and men too) are looking for the right natural ingredients that will help the epidermis.  Today I am going to reveal some lesser known skin care tips; herbs that are great for the skin!

1. Red Clover

Red clover includes phytoestrogens that closely resemble human estrogen.  It can help increase estrogen or restore your hormonal balance. When your estrogen levels are getting normalized it can slow down the natural production of oil on your skin.  While you may apply a cream to your skin with red clover, it would probably be more effective to drink a red clover infusion. This is one of my favorite herbs, and I drink yummy red clover infusions regularly!

2. Echinacea

This is another herb that really can improve the quality of your skin.  Echinacea is great because it reduces acne issues by fighting against bacteria and viruses that infect the skin.  Acne also occurs as a result of oily skin, so you can tell your epidermis is feeling much better when the acne disappears!

3. Licorice Root

Oily skin herbs like licorice root can make your skin look fantastic, as it helps against all kinds of skin disorders. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent when it is applied on the skin and also has benefits when taken internally.

4. Milk Thistle

Acne also appears on the skin when the body doesn’t process the toxins through the intestines. The toxins are processed through your skin pores, and this causes acne. Milk thistle assists your liver and re-energizes it so it can help the intestines process all of the toxins.

5. Oat

Oat is one of the most familiar herbs. While many people just eat oat, it can also be found in skin creams too.  It can be used directly on your skin in for example an oat skin mask, which is smoothing and purifying.

6. Atlantic Kelp

Atlantic Kelp is another herb that acts as a blood purifier and detoxifier.  It can only be found on the coasts of North America and Europe.  It can also be applied to blemishes on the skin to help fade them away.

7. Burdock

This is another great herb in the long list of oily skin herbs.  Burdock has been used for centuries with Eczema patients, skin cancer patients, acne sufferers, and for other skin diseases.  It works as an anti-inflammatory agent, and it helps keep the skin looking smooth.

8. Dandelion

This is a very popular herb that is found in green yards all over the planet.  You can eat dandelions both raw and cooked. It is excellent in a salad with something sweet. Dandelion has been shown to be help against acne outbreaks, eczema, and other common skin ailments.

When it comes to eating some of the herbs, moderation and the right dosage is important. This was just an introduction, so you’ll want to inform yourself more deeply before trying the less known herbs to be safe. 🙂

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