How to Stop Excessively & Extremely Oily Skin

by Ingela

Have you been haunted by excessively oily skin and don’t know how to stop it? In this article you’ll discover how to address the causes of oily skin and which common mistakes you can avoid.

Your genetic makeup is what makes your skin be more or less prone to oiliness, although there are many more factors that have a say, which is why it can get so tricky.

Hormonal fluctuations can play a role and this is why excessive oil production happens so often during puberty, in the beginning of every menstrual period for women, and in pregnancy.

Other causes of excessively oily skin can be: using inappropriate skin care products and cosmetics, eating too much sugar or foods laden with hormones, and living in a very humid climate.

So.. How Do You Stop Excessively Oily Skin?

To stop extremely oily skin, you have to begin by removing the things that cause it.

Look at your daily skin care routine. Are you cleansing your skin with something drying like soap or alcohol?

Are you using moisturizers or makeup containing mineral oils and synthetic chemicals? These are things that can aggravate and increase the oil production.

Use lukewarm water for washing your face or find a gentle cleanser free of alcohol, synthetic chemicals, and petroleum by-products. It shouldn’t be drying – in fact it is best if it has some moisturizing properties to it.

The facial moisturizer you use should be free of mineral oil, because it clogs your pores and later removes the natural oils from your skin, causing an over-compensation in oil production. Mineral oil can be found under several other names – liquid paraffin, paraffin wax, and petrolatum.

Unrefined plant oils are perfectly okay in a moisturizer for oily skin, because they do not clog your pores. You may want to look for ingredients that help balance the oil production, like maracuja and jojoba oil.

Your Diet May Be The Last Thing On Your Mind

When wanting to know how to stop excessively oily skin your diet might be the last thing you think about changing, but it can have a profound effect on how your skin looks.

If you eat loads of sugar then this may cause oily or poor looking skin. Sugar is tasty and all that, but who wants to have horrible looking skin because of it?

I sure don’t!

Consuming dairy and meat is all good, but not when it comes from animals that have gotten growth hormones all their lives, the hormonal balance in your body can be severely disturbed, so make sure you choose organic products whenever possible.

Otherwise when it comes to nourishing oily skin with foods, make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. A common misconception is that you should avoid fats if you have oily skin, but healthy unprocessed fats are vital for your skin health.

Other Common Mistakes You Might Not Know About

One of the big ones is people using bad skin care products, which do not moisturize, irritate the skin, and are filled with unnatural ingredients.

Then you have the people that overwash their skin with soap, or water that is way too hot. When you strip the oils from your skin, you make the oil glands believe they need to produce more oil, and you get even oilier skin. It’s a vicious cycle.

You may feel good just after you’ve washed your skin, but soon enough, your skin will start over-compensating, which will lead to… you got it, oilier skin!

Before you go, here’s one more tip on how to stop excessively oily skin: use a deep cleansing mask regularly. A good one moisturizes, purifies, and doesn’t dry out your skin. Great ingredients that I’ve had success with are kaolin clay, and active manuka honey.

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