Are Botox Injections for Wrinkles Safe?

by Ingela

Botox injections have become quite popular as a quick fix for wrinkles. The cosmetic purpose of using it is quite simple. It prevents nerves from working and muscles from contracting where lines and wrinkles are located.

You can get a visible benefit in one or 2 days due to muscle paralysis in the area. Facial muscles stop moving so wrinkles do not show. Are they still there? Of course they are.

If you’re reading this article, you may be thinking about using Botox, but do you really want to? It is up to you, but I would never touch that stuff.

Are Botox Injections for Wrinkles Safe?

The substance itself is a powerful biological weapon, it is so potent that it takes only 75 nanograms to kill a person. 1 kilo or 2.2lb of it is enough to kill the entire human population of the earth.

Needless to say any error in dosage and injection site can be dangerous.

What About Side-Effects?

As with any pharmaceutical product, there are potential side-effects.

The most common side effects are headaches, respiratory infection, temporary eyelid droop, nausea and flu syndrome.

In medicine it has been used since the late 70s. For example whiplash injuries, they can cause uncontrollable and very painful muscle spasm. Botox injections can provide a temporary relief by forcing the muscle to relax.

In situations where there is severe pain and inability to move properly botox can be a life saver. If you do not have a medical condition you are taking a risk that may not outweigh the benefits, in my humble opinion.

Greater Causes for Concern

Recent research, conducted by Italian researchers and published in The Journal of Neuroscience, suggests that the deadly poison in Botox may actually spread from your face to your nervous system.

Remember, this is a very potent neurotoxin, even a tiny amount can have severe effects.

When researchers injected botulinum toxin into the faces of rats, it was detected just days later in the stem cells of the brain.

The poison was present in the brain over six months later. Now, this is only research on rats, which may or may not have correlations to human beings, but it certainly makes you think twice, especially when there are natural alternatives to reducing wrinkles.

Long Term Side Effects Botox Injections for Wrinkles

A  common side effect, the botox toxin leaks from the injection site and travels down to your eyes or mouth. This causes a 2-3 month paralysis of those muscles.

A good example is famous musician Sir Cliff Richard who complained about drooping eyelids after using the therapy. Very inconvenient and not too attractive looking, but it does pass after a few months.

The fact that the toxin remains in your brain for more then 6 months and usually the injection is repeated every 2-3 months does concern me.

What happens when you add some every 2 months for a few years? How long does it take to reach damaging levels?

Long Term Benefits of Botox Injections for Wrinkles

The immediate effects of the toxin are temporary, it paralyzes musculature and nerves. It does not enhance the skin itself.

You still need to make sure you are providing your skin and body with with the care they need. The main cause of wrinkles is thin and brittle skin. Luckily there are several potent and non-toxic natural compounds that really do help with this.

Botox injections for wrinkles do not provide any long lasting benefits and requires frequent re-application. It accumulates in your nervous system and may do some serious damage after a while.

Does not seem worth the risk when there are proven and effective natural option out there, does it?

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